On killing an Apple Al keyboard

I’d been a wanderer for a while, which meant I ended up putting my Apple Al keyboard into storage. Inevitably, the batteries corroded. I managed to get one out by using hot water on the case (go Al), but the other two were stubborn. It’s a model A1255, if you’re curious.

Cue tech reading which leads to heat, coffee (alkaline), CLR (why not), hammer, vibrations, blunt force screwdriver, scraping,

PCBank PB2700 2560×1440 with Ubuntu 12.4

Suh-weet cheap high resolution monitor, but requires a decent video card. The cheap korean version I bought requires the videocard to do the heavy lifting with respect to driving the screen, thus the cheap price. When I bought it, the Korean seller tried to verify the card I was using as I assume they’ve had unhappy customers who didn’t RTFM.

I’m running an XFX Radeon HD6870 on top of a Z77 motherboard (but still

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